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Treating Addiction with Biochemical Restoration

At InnerBalance Health Center, we strive to analyze your biochemistry to gain a better understanding of the physiological effects of your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. We understand that their are certain biochemical imbalances that can make a person more prone to the addictive cycle. By restoring your chemical balance, a person is much more capable of overcoming their addiction. Biochemical Restoration works in conjunction with talk therapy and emotional and lifestyle counseling to create one of the most effective rehabilitation programs around.
When we say, "addiction is a physical illness," we mean it: individuals are more likely to develop an addiction or keep coming back to drugs and alcohol if they suffer from underlying physiological imbalances such as:

* Hormonal imbalances
* Hypoglycemia
* Adrenal Fatigue
* Amino acid imbalances
* Toxicities
* Excessive heavy metals
* Nutrient deficiencies, and more

At InnerBalance Health Center, these biochemical imbalances are discovered in three ways:

* Lab testing: recovery begins with a series of lab tests performed by our expert staff of medical doctors, nurses and nutritionists to identify problematic biochemical factors
* Symptoms: certain conditions are associated with specific symptoms. By checking the results of lab tests against the symptoms our clients experience, we can ensure an accurate reading of the underlying biochemical imbalances.
* Nutrition: a poor diet can perpetuate the depression, anxiety, and cravings that drive people to return to self-medication. Balance can be restored and maintained through proper nutrition.

Our medical staff then uses the results of these analyses to create an individualized biochemical restoration health plan. Appropriate vitamin, amino acid and hormone replacement therapy, as well as a healthy diet, correct the body's deficiencies and provide physical relief for the many symptoms of addiction.

Once balance is restored and repaired in the body, the patient is stronger and healthier, leading to a more complete recovery. Life-long sobriety is possible only after the needs of the whole person -- body, mind and spirit -- are met.

As a pioneer of Biochemical Restoration, InnerBalance Health Center has been helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions for over 20 years. We've combined the best of traditional treatment while incorporating modern methods that have proven to be extremely effective. For more information about Biochemical Restoration at InnerBalance Health Center, click here.